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  • A great way to start is to add our website URL to your social media profiles and tell people they will get 15% off when they use your coupon.
  • We can also create a special collection with your name in our website so that your followers can see the products that you specially hand-picked and use your ambassador coupon with those products. Contact us if you are interested in doing this so we can get everything started.
  • Show your coupon as much as possible, especially online. If you have an account on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, a Blog, or any other online presence, make sure you show your coupon there as well.
  • Take all the pictures you can with your The Ninth Project products and share them on your social networks. Make them as professional and compelling as you can so they attract more views and don’t forget to tag us in the post so we can share them in our social profiles to maximize exposure. We will repost the same captions you use so make sure you include your coupon code.
  • Try not to be too salesy with your posts. Normally, people respond better to posts that give an honest review (what do you think of our products?, are they comfortable/soft/good quality?). Focus on the experience with The Ninth Project and our mission (planting trees).
  • You can promote as much or as little as you want but we found that the sweet spot is once a week. You don’t want your followers to feel like you are just trying to sell to them.
  • We will be posting pictures of our customers wearing our products. You can repost those posts in your social networks as well but make sure you give the proper credits.
  • We will runs special “missions” for our ambassadors from time to time with gifts and free products. Keep an eye out for that and participate as much as possible.
  • Remember that you can use your ambassador 15% off coupon for your own purchases and we will pay you 10% commissions for those orders too.

Most of our ambassadors are also interested in growing their Instagram account. We found a blog with super useful tips, guides and tutorials to grow Instagram organically. Give it a read.

Instagram tips >>

Here is a video tutorial on how to pose for your pictures. Great pictures attract more attention and help you succeed with our ambassador program as well as grow your own reach.

Go to video >>

Do you like writing? We mean writing writing… you know, the kind of writing that gives people goosebumps. Well, we would love to see what you’ve got and test a few drafts. We have our own blog and we love guest posts *wink-wink*
Blog posts are a great way to increase exposure to your own profiles and websites and of course, it’s a great way to share your Ambassador coupon. Our website is optimized for SEO so it attracts passive traffic from Google searches to the blog and creates an opportunity to share your message with the world. Contact our team and let us know if you are interested to get started.

Here you can review the terms of our agreement for the Ambassador Program.

Ambassador Program Terms