Reforestation Program

We started The Ninth Project with the objective of planting trees to keep our mountains green. We know the harm that the apparel industry is causing our environment, every 2 seconds, an area of forest the size of a football field is destroyed and we are determined to change that.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we partnered with one of the best non-profits in the world with a strong and sustainable program to plant trees wherever they are needed. We plant a tree with every order.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit dedicated to one thing and one thing only, planting trees. They have programs all over the world including North & South America, Asia, and Africa. We partnered with them as reforestation partners so whenever you buy anything from us we plant one tree.

We plant trees wherever they are needed (everywhere) and we are happy to plant a tree in a place that is close to your heart. During checkout, you will see an “add a note” option and you can use it to tell us where you want your trees planted.

Here are the locations where our program currently works:

  • North America: Appalachia, British Columbia, California, Chippewa National Forest, Florida, New Brunswick, Ontario, Oregon, Québec

  • Latin America: Amazon Rainforest, Andes, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Peru

  • Europe: Denmark, Iceland, Romania, Spain

  • Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda

  • Asia: India, Indonesia, Mangroves, Philippines, Vietnam

  • The Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

Don’t worry, if you don’t tell us a location, we will plant the trees wherever they are needed most according to seasons and emergencies.

All our products are sustainable and ethically made, our manufacturing uses significantly less water than others, our polyester is recycled, our inks are eco-friendly and we are plastic-free. But this is not enough, we believe our program will actually help and you can jump in and be part of that.

We are One Tree Planted official partners and we plant a tree with every order. Our tree planting project is only possible when conscientious shoppers buy the products they want to see in the world.

Help us get to our goal of 1 million trees planted and always #escapeoften

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