The Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing: Why You Should Be Wearing Organic Cotton

You may not realize it, but the clothes you wear can have a huge impact on your health and the environment, and the people that made them. Did you know organic cotton affects the very water you drink?
Here is a list of the benefits of wearing organic cotton clothes and why you should make the switch.

Organic cotton is better for the environment

Conventional cotton is a real water waster. The World Wildlife Federation estimates it takes 5,283 gallons of water to produce a little over 2 pounds of cotton and since water is a valuable resource, we think it should be better spent on less wasteful farming methods.
What’s more, conventional cotton farmers use excessive amounts of toxic pesticides—powerful carcinogens—which in the end, pollute our lakes, rivers, and other waterways, affecting plants and wildlife.

On the other hand, organic cotton farming is the process of growing cotton crops without the use of toxic fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals. Organic cotton crops are not sprayed or treated in any way and they are only grown using approved organic farming processes like significantly less water, insect traps, and cow poo. 

Organic cotton improves the lives of farmers, factory workers, and their families

In the conventional cotton production model, there is also a human cost. Farmers are breathing in pesticides when they apply them or when they pick the cotton by hand. Their spouses and kids are getting their drinking water from rivers contaminated with chemicals and the clouds of pesticide that drift on the breeze affect everyone who lives in the area.

According to the World Health Organization, 20,000 people in developing countries die each year due to pesticides and there is a correlation between developmental issues in children, birth defects, as well as weaker immune systems.

Organic cotton changes this situation dramatically for the people involved in its growth because, again, there are no pesticides involved and as a result, there is no pollution. Also, organic cotton requires a certification that ensures there are no sweatshops involved in the process. This helps the people that manufacture the garments earn a living wage and be fairly compensated for their work. 

Organic cotton is better for the people who wear it

Organic cotton clothing doesn’t have any chemical residues which make the fabric safer for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Even if you don’t have these health issues, organic cotton feels better on your skin because it is softer. Our organic cotton tees are ridiculously soft, breathable, and very resistant.

Organic cotton is softer and more durable

Because organic cotton is free from pesticides that weaken the fibers, it is a strong and resilient material that only gets stronger over time. Wash it over and over again and it will keep its shape and color.
You really don’t have to compromise quality over environmental and social benefits, organic cotton is actually better than conventional cotton in all aspects.

At The Ninth Project, we decided to produce items that will improve the world we live in by polluting less and generating better conditions for the people involved. We believe that clothing should last longer, be more durable, keep its colors vibrant, and look great and that’s the reason we only use GOTS certified organic cotton in all our garments.
Organic cotton is here to stay and change the textile industry forever. Be part of that change and switch to clothing with sustainable materials.

Hi, I’m Jose. I’m the founder and designer of The Ninth Project. Everything you’ll find here was passionately and obsessively designed by me as part of my dream of creating a brand that keeps our mountains green.

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